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Hope and awareness to carry on from last year!

New in our lexicon: Occupy and 99%

Never before has the middle class realized it has more in common with the poor than now, more in contrast with the 1%.

Never before have the banks closed (our San Jose B of A, too) when Occupy people came!

First the media ignored, then it ridiculed, now it´s in the news daily. And on the Daily Show! And will inform the elections and more!

A busy year for odw!

Lots of potlucks and international handcraft sales

We are so grateful to all who have contributed to odw, to all of our wonderful volunteers! Without all of you we could not keep on keeping on.


peace, Barby and Vic and our developing world


Dedicated to bringing the realities of the “third world” and the richness of diverse cultures to North Americans, our developing world(odw) provides teacher training and materials, and programs for community groups and classes, reality tours, a tri–annual newsletter — our developing world(odw)´s voices and a lending resource library free to local teachers. our developing world(odw) is a nonprofit, tax-deductible educational project.

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