Bullying and Anti-Bullying in Personal Life & History


Have you been bullied?
Have you bullied?


Put post-it up of how you were bullied ( yellow) outside the circle & how someone helped you (pink) inside the circle, pink post-its of how you helped someone who was bullied inside the circle. How does it feel?

What kind of bullying? See: Serious Talks with Bully and Parents Need to be Involved, Language of Peer Aggression.


Shielding Activity:

Shielding allows you to receive criticism comfortably without becoming anxious or defensive, while giving no reward to using manipulative criticism. In other words, you are putting up a SHIELD.


1. An evil bag (filled with strips of paper with predetermined written insults)

Possible insults:

2. Facilitator should have a compilation of “shielding responses” but first see what class can come up with. Your list can include statements such as:


Discuss how some of us have problems due to insults or putdowns. Ask how many kids have been insulted or putdown or insulted others. Discuss how this sometimes makes us feel out of circle. Explain how you will show them a way to deal with "not agreeing or disagreeing" with a putdown or insult. More importantly, you will show them how to prevent.

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BULLYING IS SOMETIMES HARD TO SEE. The bully may have arm around the shoulder of the one being bullied, may have hangers on who want to be popular with bully.

Kid in the middle can be empowered to say stop! or to take the bullied one away, or a group can surround the bully and say stop.

Discuss: How does it feel?

Videos by Todos
email: todos@igc.apc.org
New Bridges 16 minutes
Young Men´s Work, Building Skills to Stop Violence 27 minutes

Use overhead
Brainstorm Looking at history through bullying from present to past. Go back through the brainstorm to talk about those who stood up and made a difference.

See Wherever There´s a Fight ( Runaway Slaves, Strikers, Suffragists, Poets Shaped Civil Liberties in CA by Stan Yogi and Elaine Elinson with lessons on line

Today´s bullying policies?

What can students do today?

Letters to elected officials and editors, get petitions and circulate, etc.:


Available from www.ReachandTeach.com:

From Southern Poverty Law Center www.TeachingTolerance.org:
Fall 2010 “Fighting Back Against Bullies”
Video for 6th grade and up “Cyberbullying”

“Middle School Confidential” by Annie Fox

National Lawyers Guild “You Have the Right to Remain Silent”

Examples of people who took a stand:

Magazine Resources:

Summary of Research on Relational Aggression: (source: www.opheliaproject.org)

Download files for lesson: