Information regarding Bill Leikam´s Gray Fox Presentation

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Title: A Year with the Urban Gray Fox

Beginning with an overview of the gray fox, we will then follow them on their annual adventure from the time that they pair up - the romantic period - before they have their litter. Once the vixen (the female) dens-up, as we call it, a new relationship begins between her and her mate. Once the pups are born, the role of the adults is well defined. What must these pups learn as they rapidly grow up? How do they learn how to be a gray fox? We will follow them through their development using both exclusive video taken by my trail cameras and photographs. For instance, the video shows the small pups learning to climb a tree, falling, and then we see them a month later zipping up and down trees. Along the way, I tell stories about these fox. We will finish this remarkable journey when the pups are indistinguishable from their parents and they are ready to disperse and continue their cycle of life.

Biographical Notes:

Science has been a fundamental part of my life from the time that I was a teenager. In the 1970s, I conducted original research into the nature of consciousness which in 1981 led me to be chosen as one of an 18 member US scientific delegation to the People´s Republic of China where I presented my research. During the 1980s, I spoke at conferences across the country both on consciousness and the psychology and neurophysiology of boredom. Three years ago, I began documenting, photographing and researching the behavioral characteristics of the gray fox.

Present Outcomes from This Research:

The BBC continues to show interest in shooting a documentary of me and the urban gray fox for their Natural History series, there is presently a documentary being shot for PBS television, and I am writing a popular book - in contrast to a scientific book laden with jargon - about these urban gray fox. The working title is “The Autobiography of an Urban Gray Fox”s; I have presented this research based PowerPoint to a standing room only audience. I am just beginning to get my findings out to the public. I charge anywhere from $100 to $200 per presentation. Price is negotiable.

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