Lesson on Islam

Islam girl

Video: Muslim Teens Talk (produced by the Independent Production Fund 800-727-2470 www.theislamproject.org $19)

Reactions to video

Post Readings* around the room. Ask students to stand by the one that they agree with most. Each grouping of students should explain why they agree. Then move to one they disagree with & repeat process.

*Readings: Click on the lists to see larger font (able to print at letter size paper)

  1. In the marketplace, there is no greater profit than to bargain for fairness.
  2. It is a rich man who is large with family and has no shoes.
  3. It is wrong to compel another to your religious beliefs.
  4. Fighting can only be justified if it is in self defense of lives, property or freedom.
  5. Waging was for the purpose of extermination or territorial conquest is wrong.
  6. A man is poor who has no friends.
  7. A just world is one in which all share equally.
  8. Alms giving ( giving to the poor) is the duty of all.
  9. Women should be free to own property and enter contracts.

Ask where the readings come from. (The Koran)

Can they draw any conclusions or generalities from this lesson/experience?

They can either write individually, discuss as a group, or small group discussions can produce a group conclusion.