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has resources to make it easier for you to teach to the STANDARDS.

Posters to borrow


  • African Americans
  • Children and Community
  • Health
  • Indigenous
  • Interdependence ⁄ Ecology
  • Peace ⁄ Human Rights ⁄ Cesar Chavez ⁄ Martin Luther King Jr. Women
  • Economic Globalization


  • African
  • South Africa
  • Asia
  • China ⁄ VietnamCambodia ⁄ Kites of India
  • Pakistan ⁄ Nepal ⁄ Korea ⁄ Bangladesh⁄Indonesia
  • Central America ⁄ Honduras ⁄ Guatemala ⁄ Nicaragua
  • Cuba
  • Latin America
Materials for K to Grade 12
K Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8 Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
K- Learning and working together now/long ago 
Rules ⁄ consequences, courage, honesty, determination, individual responsibility, stories and folklore Folk tales from Latin America, Asia and Africa, Native America
BeliefsProverbs from many cultures
ToolsStory of Weavers: borrow miniature spindles, looms, weavings Farmers
Maps ⁄ communityGuatemala: Neighbors ⁄ Community Story, pictures and map, hand woven huipiles to try on and other pieces, masks. Map puzzle of El Salvador lesson on directions and giving directions: prelude to map making
Grade 1- Place in time and space Maps ⁄ globesLesson on directions and giving directions: prelude to map making
People around the world differences and similaritiesMaps of Central America - lessons for workstations stories and pictures, dolls.
Nicaragua: The Little Red Hen- story (with different ending), hen, puppet and lesson plan.
Bonnie and Diego ⁄ Alit, Autobiography of Adam, a Salvadoran 8 year old boy. An American girl´s story of living in a poor rural village in El Salvador.
Corn husk dolls from 3 continents, balancing toys from Central America and Africa.
Many books on kids and families.
ThanksgivingMulticultural Thanksgiving
MLK Jr.MLK Jr. story, speeches, pictures.
Economy ⁄ trade, money and jobsSeeding game (Mandala or Wari) uses Cowrey shells which were used for trading
Grade 2- People who make difference Rigoberta Menchu - lesson plan and poster, Rosa Parks, MLK Jr, Mandela, Native Americans.
AncestorsAlmost Ancestors.
Maps Mexico CubaAztec ele unit, calendar, story, slides, sample of shape of Aztec codices but made with homemade paper in Laos.
Map of Indigenous of Mexico ⁄ Cuba music.
Food production and consumption, processors, distributors, weather, land and water recoursesFive basic grains making tortillas with lesson plan farming methods to conserve soil on hillsides: an outdoor lesson
Corn husk dolls from three continents demonstrate basic foods ⁄ geography.
Buyers and sellersPictures of open markets where producers sell (like farmers´ markets) basket of fruit worn on head of vendor.
Limits on people to produce and consume Highland Maya
The Story of a Shirt
The Story of Cotton, complete process with miniature samples.
Grade 3- Continuity and change geographical features in local region American Indian nations in California Indians ⁄ settlers Earthquake map of SF Bay area
See 4th grade for CA Indians
Grade 4- California a changing state  
California Indians 3rd and 4th grades
Round stone from a rancheria south of Hollister, tule doll, Hupa basket
Map of Indigenous of CA
Almost Ancestors, The Singing Feather (Tribal Remembrances from Round Valley) Grass Games and Moon Races (CA Indian games and toys)
Spanish exploration and colonization missions, presidios, ranchos and Mexican war
Missions unit, Presidio Unit
Chinese migration from 1852: Golden Legacy binder of resources and lessons
Immigration 1850-1900 Island Writings (Angel Island)
Books and Photos
Depression, Dust Bowl and WW2 Depression Story
Lesson and manuals on Japanese internment.
Red Clogs story with game and Japanese clothes.
Grade 5- US History and Geography ⁄ making a nation Map of Indigenous
Photos of Anazazi and stamps of designs
Paul Robeson singing "Ballad For Americans" with Chorus and Orchestra. Eleven minutes of music and visuals of historic people and the wonderfully diverse people who built our country. Its was sung at a Republican Convention in the ´40s, when "Ballad For Americans" was sung on the radio it received more mail than any other radio production
Cliff Dwellers, Pueblo, Pacific Northwest and nomadic Great Plains Photos, stories and paper models of Navajo, Northwest and Plains dwellings, NW design pendant Pueblo drum, dream catcher with story and lesson, potsherd from Navajo land, Papago and Hopi baskets, Navajo rugs, rattle, etc.
Immigration Writings of Immigrants from many continents during several waves of immigration
Aztec Aztec Teaching Unit and story. Sample of shape of Aztec codices but made with homemade paper in Laos
Grade 6- World History and geography ⁄ ancient civilizations Work of Louis, Mary and MD Leaky: "3.6 Million Year Old Footprints in the Ashes of Time"
Early man, hunter, gatherer, artist and Shaman Post cards, "Burial Mounds", "A Family Tree for Modern Man", "Stone Age Oldavai Gorge"
Hand-woven rug from Namibia (SW Africa) with replica of Ancient Saharan murals (10,000 years ago)
Tanzanian newspaper article: Stone tools discovered
Intro lesson before chronological study of ancient history
A Road Map of History (world time line)
The Tree Where Man Was Born
Mesopotamia Earliest Recorded Hero: The Epic of Gilgamesh Lesson plan
Kush Resource material
Bibliography for 6th grade
Egypt Women´s rights: Ancient Egypt and the US now
England in Middle Ages
Slides, basket from Luxor
The Living Past
Greece Spindle Stories II (women in classical Greece) and lessons: spindle, unspun cotton, hand-woven cotton, puppet, hand-woven rug
Greek Myths, slides from Greece
Greece: A Great Adventure Teaching Unit with special help for teaching to English as a second School language Learners
Rome Roman Myths
The Living Past
Spindle Stories
I Roman Pompei
China Bronzes, posters of terra cotta Sian warriors, scrolls, Chinese poetry, language lesson, rubbings from ancient vessels
Chinese Mythology
Stories, Lessons, visuals
Grade 7   
Islam Video: Mosque, lessons, activity, examples of discrimination, stories
Early Modern Times China: clothing, artifacts, stories, lessons, scroll
Japan: clothing, artifacts, stories
Africa: lessons, clothing, textiles, artifacts, visuals, stories, stamps for stamping cloth from Ghana and India
Religions of China References ⁄ stories Confucianism and Buddhism, India and Japan, carved Buddhist figure in the peace ⁄ non-violence position
Grade 8- Us History and Geography ⁄ constitution  
Paul Robeson singing "Ballad For Americans" with Chorus and Orchestra. Eleven minutes of music and visuals of historic people and the wonderfully diverse people who built our country. Its was sung at a Republican Convention in the ´40s, when "Ballad For Americans" was sung on the radio it received more mail than any other radio production
Bill of Rights
Civil War ⁄ Abolitionists
Lessons, cartoons
Lessons artifacts from Africa demonstrating culture wrenched away when Africans were shackled by slave traders.
Lessons ⁄ biography´s of Abolitionists
Immigrants from many countries tell their stories many by youth, including mixed backgrounds.
Indian removal ⁄ Jackson 1828, Lewis and Clark References
Cherokees Before the Trail of Tears culture lesson and village model.
Mexican settlements ⁄ slavery landgrants Land grants ⁄ video: The Milagro Bean Field War
Civil War ⁄ Abolitionist Stories
Industrial revolution ⁄ child labor, working conditions, laissez-faire policies toward labor movement, strikes, protests over labor conditions Simulation of Assembly Line ⁄ child labor today.
Videos of overseas sweat shops
Inventors African American Inventors
Grade 9- Elective Courses in History-Social Science  
Our State in the Twentieth Century Materials from Vietnam National Memorials including books and poetry. More material from Vietnam: photos, legends, artifacts, instruments
Physical Geography
World Regional Geography
The Humanities
Comparative World Religions
Use corn husk dolls from around the world as intro
Literature from Africa, Latin America
Material on Islam, Christianity, Buddhism etc.
Area Studies: Cultures Stories, novels, proverbs, artifacts, visuals, slides, lessons from Central America, Mexico, China, South East Asia, Southern Africa, West Africa, East Africa Oldevai Gorge, etc.
Cave painting replica from Africa in picture and on rug. fossil rocks
Women in Our History
Ethnic Studies
East Africa
Subsistence or Survival, a Simulation Activity
Posters, bio´s Native American, Chinese, South East Asians, Africans, Indigenous Latin Americans
Law-Related Education Material related to Bill of Rights ⁄ Constitutional Law
Grade 10- World history, culture, geography ⁄ the modern world  
Vietnam War Materials from Vietnam National Memorials including books and poetry
Western; Greek Puppet made by Greek prisoners during Fascist reign with pattern so it can be replicated, spindle and cotton, hand-woven cloth, rug, slides
Human rights Reference materials on Human Rights Abuses in many parts of the world. Many videos on sweatshop labor, child labor, etc
Africa, Mexico, China and Latin America Artifacts, stories, slides, lessons from Africa, Mexico, China and Latin America
Grade 11- Continuity and Change in the Twentieth Century History of the ouster of Jews from Spain for royalty to get money for Columbus ..Some went to Mexico
Role of religion Maryknoll´s perspective on the history of Christian Missionaries in the world
Intolerance: Mormons, Catholics and Jews
WW2 ⁄ integration of defense industry and armed forces
Primary Source story of Mormons flight West and life of non-Mormon (Jack Mormon) family in a Mormon rural town in Utah. Also tells the transformation when factories come to town from a woman´s perspective.
Civil Rights
19th and 24th amendments of 1965
Races in California in the 1960s
Immigration from 1960
Video on Civil Rights Movement, bios of many participants, visualsAudio of origins of women's rights (Seneca Falls)
Changing Demographics
Recent Immigrants Stories including teens
Vietnam War Materials from Vietnam National Memorials including books and poetry
Grade 12- Principles of American democracy and economics  
Structure meaning from the forms of illegitimate power that 20th century African, Asian, and Latin American dictators used to gain and hold office,and the conditions and interests that supported them Felt board lesson to demonstrate how people in power talk to each other and make decisions that benefit them but not the majority of the people
List of US interventions in Latin America Grass roots economics activities
Uncover the ideologies, causes,stages and outcomes of major Mexican, Central and South American revolutions of the 19th and 20th centuries Nicaragua: a case study...primary sources, artifacts and references and resources from Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala as well.
Rate the successes of relatively new democracies in Africa, Asia and Latin
America and the ideas, leaders and general societal conditions that have launched and sustained or failed to sustain them.
Hunger activities demonstrate the failures and the role dominant nations play, and results of international debt. Activities that young people have done to make a difference
Economics; world trade and WTO Many participatory economics lessons, plus lesson on WTO with posters, clippings and photos and first hand experiences in Seattle