teaching ideasTeachers! Principals! Come see what you would like to borrow.

Teachers, students, librarians, and people who work in multi-cultural education in informal settings, you don´t need to travel to use hands-on materials or stories from around the world. Just borrow from our free multi-cultural resource library!

our developing world(odw)´s free lending resource library taps all learning styles and helps develop emotional intelligence as well.

Hands-on artifacts can´t be shipped, please call for an appointment to borrow, free of charge for one month, call us at (408) 379-4431.

  • By using textiles and graphics from different cultures to teach shapes, the world expands for children.
  • By using hand held artifacts, kinesthetic learners open to new learning.
  • Principles of physics can be introduced by toys and musical instruments made in various countries. For example, the pendulum, balance, high and low sounds and amplification.
  • Materials from newly emerging nations make the concept of nation-building come alive. Call us for details! Tell us what you're teaching and we'll give you a list of what we have to help your classroom come alive! We have posters to borrow that meet California k-12 educational standards.