Navajo Story Cord and People make a Difference

Using the story cord: the tassles and beaded parts act as prompts for the story teller.

This is not only a practice for oral presentation but gives a real sense of history as in the eye of the beholder. It also gives family at home a reason for believing that school values them.

This technique can be used for any story/biography/history lesson.

Give each person a biography of someone known to have made a difference or have them search the web with a suggested list of historical figures the class has brainstormed., or are three good sites.

In pairs or groups of three let each person summarize his/her bio and then help each other verbalize how these people would act today in terms of the immigration issue. Any other issue could be used.

Situation: Immigration officials come to your school to round up parents of the children they are bringing or fetching.

  1. Define the dilemma
  2. What position would the person take and why?
  3. What action would he/she take?
  4. What position would you take and what action would you take and why?


Martin Luther King Jr.

Mahatma Gandhi

César Chávez

Sojourner Truth

Rosa Parks