At least 801,000 lives, 6 TRILLION dollars, 6,950 U.S. soldiers no longer with us.

Win Without War

The post-9/11 wars will directly cost at least 801,000 lives and more than 6 TRILLION dollars by the end of 2020.

From just Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Syria alone, 21 million people already live as war refugees and Internally Displaced Persons. Over 6,950 U.S. soldiers have ALREADY died. [1]

The COST of the endless wars now taking place in 80 countries around the world is ENORMOUS — and we are not, nor is the world, safer as a result.

Our country is addicted to war, and it’s fueled by corrupt Pentagon contractors who spend millions ensuring that the solution to every problem is the purchase of yet another bomb, yet another bullet, yet another warship.

Ending this addiction means tackling the root causes, and Win Without War is one of the few organizations going toe to toe with the enormously powerful military-industrial complex, and that’s why I need to ask: 

Can you make a critical $4 donation to help Win Without War END our country’s addiction to war?

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The existential security challenges the United States and the world face today – climate change, mass inequality, halting the spread of authoritarianism globally – do NOT have military solutions.

But the defense industry has so twisted the public debate that the tools needed to resolve these challenges receive a minuscule amount of funding relative to the more than ONE TRILLION dollars spent on security funding each year — billions of which go directly to unaccountable Pentagon contractors [2]. 

Win Without War is one of very few organizations tackling this HEAD ON to completely change the terms of the debate by:

  • Re-focusing the fundamental premise of defense and foreign policy on the true security challenges facing the world by working with leading academics on reports undermining status-quo thinking. (Did you see our latest national security budget report getting featured in Foreign Affairs magazine?!) [3]
  • Fighting for the political conversation on costs of war to include the human toll, not just the price of bullets — a reality we’ve fought to be recognized from the outset of the Iraq war; and
  • Supporting public opinion research and vigorous evidence-based analysis to undermine the false notion that policies that make others less safe increase our own security and the lie that the U.S. public supports continuing business as usual.

This is big picture long-term work, but it is also desperately urgent to stop the next war before it starts so the devastating costs of the post-9/11 wars are not repeated again and again and again. 

Win Without War is tirelessly working to challenge the militarized status quo that sees bombs, bullets, and billions in boondoggles as the solution to every conflict, and we need your support to keep it up.

Can you make a critical $4 donation to help Win Without War END our country’s addiction to war?

Thank you for working for peace,

Kate, Shayna, Michael, and the Win Without War team


[1] Brown's Costs of War Project, "The cost of the global war on terror: $6.4 trillion and 801,000 lives"
[2] Win Without War, "Reimagining Security Spending"
[3] Foreign Affairs, "The Case for a National Security Budget"

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