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I have recently written two more articles about Joe Biden, who (despite everything) the polls indicate is still the front runner for the Democratic presidential nomination.

This article examines how Biden's support for the Iraq War was not simply a "mistake," but indicative of a frighteningly hostile view towards the United Nations Charter and other principles of international law which would likely manifest itself in more overseas wars should he become president.
Biden’s Support for the Iraq War Shows How He Would Run the White House

And this article looks at Biden's sordid record of defending death squads and bombings of heavily-populated civilian neighborhoods:
Biden Has Defended US Allies' Use of Lethal Force  against Civilians

  In regard to recent events in Syria, here is the transcript of an interview featuring my analysis of Trump’s impulsive decision to give a green light to the brutal Turkish invasion of autonomous Kurdish areas: https://truthout.org/articles/with-turkeys-invasion-trump-helped-create-humanitarian-catastrophe/

I'm quoted a fair amount in this article by Norman Solomon about how Rep. Adam Schiff, rather than being a left-wing ideologue as the Republicans try to depict him, has often sided with Republicans on such critical issues as the invasion of Iraq, the Israeli occupation, human rights, civil liberties, international law, and the United Nations. https://readersupportednews.org/opinion2/277-75/59498-rsn-adam-schiff-is-no-friend-of-progressives

In broadcast interviews:

Here is a link to an hour-long podcast in which host Keith Runyon provides me with the wonderful opportunity to describe my own evolution as an activist and scholar, share my work on the power of strategic nonviolent action around the world, and think about how we can promote radical change here in the United States:

And here are two interviews of roughly 20-25 minutes in which I address the Turkish invasion of Syria, the plight of the Kurds, and U.S. policy:
     From Free Speech TV’s “Rising Up with Sonali”  https://vimeo.com/366577755?ref=tw-share&fbclid=IwAR0FsdWLlAYkz5HQdHVo90iX4oPkqv-1WsvjZjyay7XEEDurvdvLlLYkLgw
     And (despite a hoarse voice) with a public affairs show on an FM station in New York  https://soundcloud.com/mediasanctuary/zunes-syria-kurds-1952-news-10-23-2019

Some folks have asked me for my take on what’s happening in Bolivia. My sense is that leftist president Evo Morales had largely avoided the semi-autocratic tendencies of leftist presidents in Venezuela and Nicaragua, but that he and his MAS party did overreach in their efforts to make constitutional changes to allow him to have yet another term, including possibly vote fraud. The initial protests which prompted the military to force his resignation appear to have been organic and there were large numbers of feminists, human rights activists, environmentalists, and other leftists among them. At the same time, while Morales may have lost support from much of the urban mestizo left, he still has the indigenous left (who represent nearly half the country) on his side. Most importantly, the conservative leaders and other right-wing elements have been taking advantage of the elected president’s ouster to seize control of the interim government (with no indigenous representation) and have been terrorizing Morales supporters. While I don’t know if the United States was involved in Morales’s ouster, the United States has repeatedly intervened in Bolivia over the decades in various insidious ways, including during the Bush administration following Morales’s election as the country’s first indigenous president, as I outlined in this 2008 article:  U.S. Intervention in Bolivia

And this academic article of mine published a few years ago examines Bolivia’s history of nonviolent struggle for democracy: The_Role_of_Civil_Resistance_in_Bolivia's_1977-1982_Pro-Democracy_Struggle

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